The goal of our Club is to provide opportunities to study buttons that are worth collecting, and share that knowledge as we come to appreciate their beauty and history. Collectable buttons include all buttons - antique and vintage, uniform and military.

Meetings are held at 8 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month (except January) in the Fellowship Room of the Burwood Heights Uniting Church (A-frame) on the corner of Burwood Highway and Blackburn Road, Burwood East.  (Melways Ref. 61 K7)


The idea of a button collecting club was conceived in 1995. The Victorian Button Collectors Club became a reality in 1996 when, through word of mouth and personal contacts, we held our first meeting at a private home. As individual button collectors, we had been aware of established button clubs in America and the United Kingdom. In Melbourne at that time, there was very little public information about buttons available, button collecting was not a hobby most people had heard of, and it was difficult to find collectable buttons even in antique shops. The Victorian Button Collectors Club was established to encourage the collecting, preservation and appreciation of buttons, antique and modern, and research into the history relating to their origins and uses. Most of all, the club provides an opportunity to meet like-minded people.  If you are a member you can Find out more . . .


Another Button Story

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Anthony (Tony) Kean

(13th December 1936 - 9th June 2024)

Tony was a well known Silversmith and Goldsmith living in Victoria.  He specialised in making jewellery and sculpture with distinctive Australian themes, landscapes, and animals.

Our Club had a long association with Tony, and many members have his beautiful Studio buttons in their collections.  (A Studio button is one specially made for collectors)  

In 2021 our Club celebrated its 25th Anniversary and we asked Tony to make us a special silver button.  The button features Australia’s National Floral Emblem the Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha Benth).  When in flower, the golden wattle displays the national colours, green and gold.  As one species of a large genus of flora growing across Australia, the golden wattle is a symbol of unity.  The button is 2.4 cm in diameter and is hallmarked on the reverse with “AK” for Tony Kean, “925” the sterling silver standard, and a “Kangaroo” head which means the button meets the standard set by The Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia.  As Tony was a Founding member and Fellow of that society the Kangaroo head symbol is in a square.  The Club’s initials and “2021” are engraved on the rim.

The other button features a silver Heron, and gold-washed reeds.

Farewell Tony.



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Button Banter is for you to share your button interests with other Club members, ask advice or give feedback. You can also see other members buttons or Button Challenge Cards or join in and show your own. It is preferable to post your photo in portrait format.

NEXT MEETING - Tuesday 9th July

Topic:   PEACOCK BUTTONS   (Wedgwood Buttons will be the topic for Tuesday November 12th)

 (Meetings start at 8.00pm - arrive from 7.30pm)