The goal of our Club is to provide opportunities to study buttons that are worth collecting, and share that knowledge as we come to appreciate their beauty and history. Collectable buttons include all buttons - antique and vintage, uniform and military.

Meetings are held at 8 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month (except January) in the Fellowship Room of the Burwood Heights Uniting Church (A-frame) on the corner of Burwood Highway and Blackburn Road, Burwood East.  (Melways Ref. 61 K7)


The idea of a button collecting club was conceived in 1995. The Victorian Button Collectors Club became a reality in 1996 when, through word of mouth and personal contacts, we held our first meeting at a private home. As individual button collectors, we had been aware of established button clubs in America and the United Kingdom. In Melbourne at that time, there was very little public information about buttons available, button collecting was not a hobby most people had heard of,and it was difficult to find collectable buttons even in antique shops. The Victorian Button Collectors Club was established to encourage the collecting, preservation and appreciation of buttons, antique and modern, and research into the history relating to their origins and uses. Most of all, the club provides an opportunity to meet like-minded people.  If you are a member you can Find out more . . .

Virtual Activities


The Metal Button Challenge:   Starts October 1st.   Choose a button made of metal. It may be decorated or embellished with other materials. Buttons come in a variety of metals, both precious and otherwise. They could have many uses,  e.g. glove buttons, underwear, fashion and uniforms.

Click on the image to enlarge the button.

Day 1.  Brass Uniform Button.  Circa 1940’s.

The Button:
An Egyptian Quarantine Service uniform button.
Pressed brass button depicting an Islamic Crescent and Star, with the French word, QUARANTAINE and Arabic script for quarantine. Brass back, marked in English, SUPERIOR QUALITY. Inserted brass wire loop shank.

The French were in Egypt from 1791 – 1882 and the English from 1882 – 1956.  In trying to protect their Imperial and strategic interests, the French and English domination were full of intrigue and turbulence and both countries have left their mark.

The word quarantine comes from the Italian “quaranta giorni” meaning 40 days.
Quarantine is mentioned in the 7th century BC, and is still practised today, including the quarantining of returning astronauts.
Its use is intended to stop the spread of diseases and pests. It prevents the movement of those who may have been exposed to a communicable disease, but do not have a confirmed diagnosis. It is distinct from Medical Isolation in which those confirmed to be infected are isolated from the healthy population. (ref. Wikipedia).
Worth Googling:    The Australian Bureau of Statistics,  “Human Quarantine. The Australian Approach to a World Problem”. It covers Quarantine from The First Fleet. 

As a scuba diver, I have found lots of interesting detritus that had been thrown overboard from quarantined ships, but have never found a button!

CLUB JOURNALS - It has been decided that the August and November Journals will be combined this year, and sent to members in October (hopefully).  We do not know when our meetings will commence again and that affects the content for the November Journal, so to make life easier for all concerned at this difficult time, a combined Journal is a good solution.  We know that this is disappointing for members, but hope you all understand.

BUTTON BANTER is now up and running for members only. It has its own heading at the top of the Home page which you can see once you log in.  Click on this heading to view contributions.  If you want to add an item use 'Add Button Banter'  under the Member Menu on the right of that screen or the Home page.  

Button Banter is for you to share your button interests with other Club members, ask advice or give feedback. You can also see other members buttons or Button Challenge Cards or join in and show your own. It is preferable to post your photo in portrait format.

Next Meetings - Cancelled

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus, the Committee has decided it is in the best interest of our members if we cancel our Button Club meetings until further notice.  We don't want our members to be at any risk and feel this is the best option for now.  As things evolve we will keep you up to date. We hope you stay safe and well.