Kate's Wedding Present.

My girlfriend's son, Dean, was getting married, and I said to Dean, that his Wedding present was going to have a button twist to it. He said bring it on. As is the case now with a lot of weddings, the bride and groom have everything, and ask for some money for the honeymoon. Rather than put the money in with the wedding card. I made three size 70 dome (44mm) buttons. The first one I embroidered with their names, Dean and Belle and the wedding date 17th Dec 2011. On the second button I embroidered Costa Rica, and the third one I embroidered Denver Colorado, as that was where they were off to for their honeymoon. I boxed them up in a silver-covered box with a ribbon, along with the card, on which I waffled on about throw away bouquets, and keep the first tier of the cake etc etc. Well I wrote on the card that there were a couple of throw awayfolded  buttons, that they had to break into to get the present; I had put a 50 US dollar note, folded up as small as I could, in each button as I was making it.

They had not been in Costa Rica long, when Dean's back pack was stolen with all their passports, cards, all the important stuff was gone. They were in their hotel room feeling pretty low, and all of a sudden Belle said to Dean, didn't your mum say there was money in the buttons. They were so grateful and relieved to have some money on them until they could sort out their finances. They also had the keepsake button to prove that they were married on that day. Dean said to Toni, to tell me when he sees me he is going to give me the biggest hug ever, as my buttons saved the day.

I am sure it is one wedding present that they won't forget.

Kind Regards,

Kate Boulton.